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foooood babyyyyy

Long term.
Coursework for an MA in historical musicology: check.

Next up: this guy finishes seminary. I've joined the Episcopal Church. And I'm being encouraged to pursue holy orders.

Golgi I shall be.

oprah bees 

HAHAHAHAHAH every time I see this I lose my mind

Happiness is gifs
I recently re-connected with greasefreak, a very, very dear friend of mine from back home.

This is our relationship:

There's that, and there's that
One day at a time, right? I guess the hardest part is learning how to do single life as an adult since I've never been a single adult before. But, in spite of everything Jodie and I are healing; I've been able to go over to help put Lucy to bed every night, and hang out with the girls during the day. Like I said, gracious, honorable, and amicable. Thank you all for your prayers and support; it's making a huge difference.

Day to day stuff is actually going pretty well. I'm all purdy'd up for my job interview and I'm actually making headway on the seminary homework I've been putting off for a couple of weeks now. I still have a mountain of stuff to do but I figure if I do one thing a day I can get it all done by the end of next week... so, my book survey of Zephaniah is done for Friday, and I've got two more things to write up before my last intensive class section (I've enjoyed the snot out of this class).

Dad's on his way out to spend a couple of days here, which will be nice.



Spring Break projects revisited
Well gee dang, I made quite a list for myself. To writ I have gotten, let's see... jack done this week. But! I have been working on something else, that being some of my baking endeavors. I've wanted to be able to make a loaf of bread that doesn't suck for some time now, and I finally did it! Look at me being an industrious househusband. Photos are on Facebook, but here's what I did--it's an Amish recipe that works for Great Lent since there's no dairy:

2 c. tepid water
1.5 tbsp active dry yeast
0.5 c. table sugar
1.5 tsp kosher salt
0.25 c. vegetable oil
6 c. all-purpose unbleached flour

Yield: two 9x5 loaves.

In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar in the tepid water and add the yeast [I accidentally added the salt at this point, too]. Let this proof until it looks like a frothy foam, about 20 minutes. Mix in the salt and oil, then begin folding in the flour one cup at a time until it's all in (there will be a little bit of extra flour, no biggie). Turn it out on a floured surface and knead until it's a smooth ball, then spray some PAM in a bowl, put the dough ball in there and let it rise for an hour under a damp paper towel (or until it's more than doubled in size, whichever happens first... I like it to be huge). Punch the risen dough down (one good press is sufficient), then turn it out onto a floured surface and knead it a bit more, then divide it into two; knead and work each lump into a smooth loaf and put them into 9x5 loaf pans. Cover the pans and let rise for another 30 minutes, then bake for 30 minutes in a 350º oven. Et voila! Fresh baked bread that looks awesome and tastes amazing.

Any suggestions for my next project?

Spring break projects
Aw man, spring break is next week! For those unaware, spring is my favorite season: shorts and sandals come out, the lawn gets cut, and I do a ton of crap around the house in a fit of pollen-induced rage. We also just renewed the lease on our house, and I'm bound and determined to make it gorgeous as long as we live here. SO, while this list is probably of little value to any reader, I'm putting it here as a memory jog and preliminary game plan.

PART I. Landscaping
I'm planning to do a number of low-cost, high-return projects with our yard. It's enormous, so there's a lot of potential for food cultivation as well as great aesthetic possibilities. I've been reading up on square foot gardening, and I've devised what I think will be a neat arrangement. We eat a lot of berries, so I'm going to make three long boxes for our back yard: one each for blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I'll also do a large box for everbearing strawberries and another box for an herb garden... it'll be pretty cost effective, too.

The side of our shed is a hemlock patch right now, so on Tuesday I'll be mowing that down as low as I can and treating the whole area with weed killer and mulching it. Not sure what I'll do on top of that but the hemlock's gotta go; it's poisonous and it smells bad.

In the front yard I'm going to do a lot of work with a couple of varieties of asclepias (butterfly weed): there are two I've got my eye on, tuberosa and incarnata (need to order those tonight while I'm thinking about it). Those will go along the front of the house since they're one of the few things that will grow well there; low-maintenance hardy perennial wildflowers that attract beneficial insects--can't ask for much else. They'll look nice with the bright orange daylilies that are already part of the deal, too. A butterfly bush will go on the corner of the house, and on the far side I'll probably plant some pampas grass and mulch it on down.

Along the front sidewalk I'm going to plant a couple lavender bushes and mulch it (it's just scraggly lawn right now). I haven't picked the variety yet, but I know I've got my heart set on that... keeping that area mulched will increase our curb appeal, too. Not that it means anything.

Side flowerbed... haven't decided, probably an entire bed of pink and purple impatiens since they fill in gaps so nicely and it's a weird space. We did wildflowers there last year, which was nice for about three weeks then they overgrew the bed and it got full of stuff we didn't plant, including sunflowers and cherry tomatos (durr what).

Alongside the back of the house I'm going to lay down some sand and gravel so there's some semblance of a patio-esque area to keep the grill, trash can, and recycle bin on. Right now it's just a weedy mess. I'll probably do another pot of lavender or impatiens to set back there too with our porch swing.

PART 2: Around the house
Just a couple of things that we've absolutely got to get done around the house:

First, the bedroom. We've never really finished unpacking in there, and because of changing bodies we have a lot of clothes we need to arrange, donate, store, and move back into rotation, etc. I'm going to let Jodie do the decorating in there but I'm going to do hardcore cleaning while she's on her forthcoming Joplin trip (which will be after my spring break, technically).

The office, too: I'm going to put some shelving in the closet, move the catbox to the bottom of the closet and stow some things more efficiently in there, steam the carpet, and do some general organizing. I'm thinking a day will be sufficient for both of these... but they gotta get done or I'm going to lose my mind.

PART 3: Other crap
All my grading will be done by Friday afternoon this week since midterm grades are due at midnight, so that's no big deal... what I want to get done in my nighttime hours, though, is get a head start on all of my papers that will be due at various points in April. First up, I think, is going to be my Sacred Music paper since that will be the easiest to write; I'm finalizing my topic this week. Next in priority will be my counterpoint paper since that's due next, and finally my Proseminar paper (for which I have a really solid topic: the relation of Paul Tillich's theology to Theodor Adorno's musical semiotics). And then I'll be done for the semester! No big deal, if I can get all of these big papers done in March...

Then I'll of course have my little throwaway papers for Church History... but those won't be a big deal since they're both due May 16th.

Lucy's on a breaking stuff streak. Today's victims: one of the plates we got as a wedding gift from a dear friend from our brief stint as Southern Baptists, and Jodie's French press which was her birthday gift last year from me. The latter also involved my poor wife finding our two year old splashing in a puddle of warm coffee and broken glass (unscathed, of course), accompanied by the discovery that our cats like veranda roast Starbucks Blonde coffee.

This stuff never happens when I'm at home.

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